6 Month Progress Report

Today, August 6, 2023, we celebrate the half-year mark since the launch of Biosafety Now.

Without a doubt, our unorthodox approaches–which combine academia with activism–stand as a formidable threat to the firmly entrenched special interests that are preventing the implementation of common-sense biosafety regulations.

To mark this occasion, we are providing an overview of what we have accomplished so far.

(1) Biosafety Now in the news

Our organization consistently garners media attention, a trend that has intensified recently due to our latest petition drive. Specifically, in the last six months, hundreds of news articles focusing on biosafety, biosecurity, or the origin of SARS-CoV-2 have cited individual members of Biosafety Now’s leadership team.

Our push for effective biosafety and biosecurity regulations, along with the cessation of dangerous gain-of-function research, is more than mere background noise—it’s a rallying cry for the public. And more media outlets are starting to understand this (see below for notable media coverage of Biosafety Now). In this regard, our recent petition and open letter to the Chief Editor of Nature Medicine, calling for the retraction of “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2,” have drawn considerable media attention, igniting a broader public conversation.

Biosafety Now! is more than just an organization; it is a call to action from the public that demands immediate attention and will not be denied.

(2) Biosafety Now website

To keep visitors to our site up to date, our website provides links to recent news articles (1) that discuss biosafety, biosecurity, biorisk management, dangerous gain-of-function research, and COVID origins, or (2) that feature members of our leadership team or our organization itself.

Our website also features a wealth of original content, including, original essays written by members of our leadership team, a collection of “special features” pages, recordings of our Twitter Spaces, our petitions and letters, our newsletters, our press releases, and much more

In total, we have had over 20,000 visitors to our website since it launched in February.

(3) Biosafety Now on social media

A core part of our mission is public outreach and engagement Biosafety Now has accounts on several social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok. To date, we have been most active on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media has been the primary means by which we have publicized our two petitions.
Our first petition, which we began June 2, seeks to “Prohibit “gain-of-function” research that creates enhanced potential pandemic pathogens has gathered 4,217 signatures.
Our second petition, which we began July 19, seeks to “Retract “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” has gathered 3,706 signatures.

Below is a summary of our engagements on various social media platforms.

started posting: Feb 2023
followers: 2,664
total: ~3 million
last 28 days: ~0.5 million

started posting: Feb 2023
followers: 1,000
metrics last 28 days:
post reach: 458,781
post engagement: 82,574
reactions: 10,868
comments: 2,000
shares: 5,332
link clicks: 28,954

started posting: June 2023
videos: 28
subscribers: 150
views: 3,618
watch time: 287 hours

started posting: Feb 2023
followers: 36
page views: 134

started posting: June 2023
videos: 6
followers: 40
likes: 244
total views: ~2,500

(4) Biosafety Now finances

Biosafety Now is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity run by volunteers. We rely upon donations and sales of online merchandise to fund our mission. To date, we have raised ~$13,000 (donations ~$12,000; merchandise sales ~$1,000). We have spent ~$11,000, primarily on advertising, maintaining our website, and administrative costs.

(5) Notable media coverage of Biosafety Now

• articles discussing our mission to implement effective biosafety regulations and prohibit dangerous gain-of-function research

Critics of risky virus studies launch nonprofit to push for research halt, tighter safety rules. Jocelyn Kaiser, Science, February 6, 2023

Is Gain-of-Function Research a ‘Risk Worth Taking’? David Zweig, The Free Press, March 7, 2023

Why are we still funding gain-of-function research? Ashley Rindsberg, The Spectator World, March 23, 2023

• articles discussing our press release demanding media outlets correct misleading claims about raccoon dogs starting the COVID-19 pandemic
Scientists discredit raccoon dog Covid origin study. Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph, March 21, 2023

• articles discussing our petition and letter to the Chief Editor of Nature Medicine, calling for the retraction of “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2”
Prominent scientist ‘downplayed Covid lab leak theory to avoid upsetting China. Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph, July 22, 2023
New emails reveal scientists believed COVID-19 was man-made. Sharri Markson, Sky News, July 24, 2023
Fauci-Influenced COVID-19 Paper To ‘Disprove’ Lab Leak Theory Faces Growing Calls For Retraction Tampa Free Press, July 25, 2023
Scientists Call for Nature Medicine to Retract Paper Denying Wuhan Lab Accident. Paul Thacker, The Disinformation Chronicle, July 25, 2023
Why U.S. Scientists Lied about the Possibility of a Covid Lab Leak. Andrew Follett, National Review, July 27, 2023

1,700+ Demand Retraction of Influential COVID-19 Origins Paper After Emails Reveal Authors Doubted Their Own Conclusions Suzanne Burdick, The Defender, July 27, 2023
Scientists Call for Full Retraction of Nature’s Proximal Origin Paper, as Fraud Accusations Mount. Jon Miltimore, July 31, 2023

US academics may face criminal trial over public dismissal of COVID-19 lab leak theory, says prominent scientist. Amy Landsey, Sky News, August 1, 2023
Scientists Demand Full Retraction Of COVID Natural Origins Paper Praised By Fauci. Mairead Elordi, The Daily Wire, August 1, 2023

Biosafety Now is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity that relies upon donations to fund our advocacy. Click here to learn how your tax deductible donation can help advance our mission to prevent lab-generated pandemics.