For two decades, scientists have been conducting research enhancing potential pandemic pathogens–research that creates new, more dangerous, potential pandemic pathogens and that, as such, can cause new pandemics–and have been doing so with little or no national or international oversight.

Our Mission is to demand effective national- and international-level oversight that will reduce the risks research with dangerous pathogens poses to the public. We are convinced that public health and safety require that all high-risk research with dangerous pathogens be subject to mandatory, independent oversight.  We also are convinced that this can be done without negatively impacting science, national security, or public health. We also are convinced that the public has a central role to play in advocating for, implementing, and participating in, oversight of research on dangerous pathogens.

Biosafety Now is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity that relies upon donations to fund our advocacy.

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