Implement Rigorous Regulations

Implement effective national- and international-level oversight of high-risk research on dangerous pathogens.

Immediately, impose a moratorium on research that enhances potential pandemic pathogens (ePPP research), to be lifted only if, and only when, effective oversight that enables ePPP research to be performed safely has been put in place.

Enact regulations with force of law for biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management.

Assign responsibility for monitoring and enforcement of these regulations to independent national and international bodies (i.e., an agency that does not perform pathogens research and does not fund pathogens research).

Ensure effective oversight of research with dangerous pathogens.

Effective oversight will involve regulations that have force of law, are monitored, and are enforced.

Effective oversight will be administered through national and international bodies that do not fund or perform research.

Effective oversight will be transparent at all levels.

Effective oversight will include the involvement of ethicists, social scientists, and members of the public who reflect the global community’s diversity.

Effective oversight will recognize that the public is a stakeholder in terms of exposure to risk and therefore will recognize that the public must have a presence and voice in weighing risks and benefits.

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