Who We Are

Our Vision is a future free of lab-generated pandemics, a future where reckless research on pathogens is ended, and a future where public trust in science is restored.

Our Mission is to demand national- and international-level restrictions, regulations, and oversight to reduce the risks to the public posed by enhanced potential pandemic pathogens research.

Our Leadership Team comprises persons with expertise and experience in biomedicine, mathematics, public health, public policy, law, social science, and public advocacy, all of whom agree that research that creates potential pandemic pathogens more dangerous than those in nature poses existential risks to the public and provides few, if any, benefits for science, medicine, public health, or national security. 

We envision a future free of lab-generated pandemics

We demand strict oversight of dangerous research

Biosafety Now: Leadership Team

We believe the public must have a voice

Biosafety Now is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity that relies upon donations to fund our advocacy.

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