Colin D. Butler

Colin Butler

Colin D. Butler is Honorary Professor of Public Health at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, at the Australian National University. He graduated in medicine in 1986 from the University of Newcastle, Australia and has four post graduate qualifications in epidemiology and public health, including from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (1997), and a Ph.D. from the Australian National University (2002).  Among his recognitions, he was named as “one of 100 doctors for the planet” (French Environmental Health Association, 2009) and received the Tony McMichael public health ecology and environment award (Public Health Association of Australia, 2018). He was also granted a Future Fellowship by the Australian Research Council, supporting four years of independent research (2011-15). Colin is sole editor of Climate Change and Global Health (2014) and senior editor of its second edition (forthcoming). He is also senior editor of Health of People, Places and Planet: Reflections based on Tony McMichael’s four decades of contribution to epidemiological understanding. Colin has authored or co-authored almost 300 other scholarly publications. He has recently been nominated as senior editor for the section on planetary health for the journal Frontiers in Public Health. For over three years he was a co-editor of the journal EcoHealth (2010-13).