Klare X. Allen

Klare X. Allen is a community organizer and activist. In 2000, Klare founded the Roxbury Safety Net as a movement of people of color who have been excluded from decision-making processes that impact their safety, quality of life, and environment. For over 20 years, the Safety Net has promoted environmental justice and community control over development of the Roxbury neighborhood in Boston, MA. In 2002, the Safety Net discovered Boston University’s plans to build a BSL-4 lab (later named the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories, NEIDL) in the Roxbury/South End neighborhood. Alarmed by the threat posed to the community, the Safety Net immediately began a campaign to Stop the BU Bio Terror Lab. Since then, Stop the BU Bio Terror Lab has operated as a coalition of community residents, scientists, lawyers, students, members of peace and justice groups, and members of the faith community united in opposition to dangerous research being performed at the NEIDL. Members have made numerous visits to City Councilors, hosted countless meetings, organized dozens of protests, spoken at city, state and federal hearings, submitted public comment, and initiated both state and federal lawsuits. These efforts persuaded the city of Boston to implement the strictest local regulations on biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management in any city in the US.