Helen Mundler – GOFROC: a view from the humanities

Artwork: La Promesse by André Goffinet Since the first rumblings about a possible lab leak in Wuhan, my position has been that it is as acceptable, and indeed as inevitable, for a non-scientist to be concerned about gain-of-function research of concern (GOFROC) as they are about climate change and nuclear conflict. But outsiders who choose […]

Artist Augusto Zambonato, “DNA” series, 2015

Susan Wright – Comments on “Biology is Dangerously Outpacing Policy” by Gregory D. Koblentz and Rocco Casagrande

Artist Augusto Zambonato, “DNA” series, 2015, via   There’s some irony in the fact that dangerous microbes that are investigated in the name of increasing our safety might do just the opposite if released. This article by Gregory Koblentz and Rocco Casagrande (New York Times 2/20/2023) is an important step in the right direction, […]

Biosafety Now! Join the Movement

Justin Kinney – Biosafety Now! Join The Movement!

The US Department of Energy recently assessed that the COVID-19 pandemic was likely caused by scientists doing research on viruses. This assessment is not proof of the “lab leak” theory: it was made at “low confidence”, and different US government agencies have made different assessments about the likely origins of COVID-19. The scientific community also […]